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My Story


Attila Madarasz Judo

As a child, I was an active but very thin and weak kid. I needed to learn how to fall properly without injuring myself, so my parents took me to our local Judo club. That was the time when I decided that I will be an Olympic Champion… I wasn’t, but in 18 years I became:

  • National Champion (6 times) – Hungary
  • European Team Championship Silver Medallist (2005)
  • Member of the Hungarian National Olympic Judo Team (10 years)

But most importantly, I have learnt some very valuable lessons that made me who I am today.

  1. Because Judo is a weight category sport, I always needed to manage my weight, checking not kgs but grams every day. I did this for 14 years along with my teammates, so I had the chance to understand that not everyone reacts the same way to foods, thus there is no “one diet for everyone”.
  2. Imagine doing 3 training sessions a day for years. Would you be able to analyse every tiny reaction in your body? Yes, for sure. Plus, you would be able to spot every correct and incorrect movement patterns of other people as well.
  3. Understanding and accepting the fact that a logical training system is absolutely necessary if you want to progress quickly and efficiently.
  4. Because Judo is a contact sport you are never alone. You need to work with/against your training partners/opponents, thus you need to understand human movement and behaviour, plus you need to be able to spot any weaknesses (strength, stamina, flexibility, etc) in a millisecond.
  5. And the most important thing, I have learnt for a life that health is everything, and your number 1 training aim should be to avoid injury.


Attila Madarasz University

Being a high level athlete and a University student is challenging. I am not denying the fact that without the help of my friends, I would have never got a Diploma. Thinking back those days, I believe that life wanted to teach me how to manage my time perfectly (and forcing me to be as efficient in training as possible), and how to collaborate and work together with others.

My University years were about learning to work in a team. I wouldn’t say that was easy for an individual athlete, but it definitely led me to the conclusion:

“I am passionate about working together with those talented people who want to make a dent in the fitness industry.”


Attila Madarasz Personal Trainer Third Space Canary Wharf

After finishing my University studies (2008), I instantly started to work as a Personal Trainer. With this decision I put myself on a fast track learning curve. I needed to realize very quickly that what they teach in a Personal Training course is almost totally useless in real life.

If you know me in person, you may have noticed already that I don’t have a high opinion of general fitness courses… I believe that if you want to become an excellent trainer you need to find the area you are passionate about, and then you need to attend specialised courses.

I did my research as well. I attended several courses from Spinal health to Aqua fitness, but nothing was as useful as finding the IFHIAS Institute. It is a German educational company that delivers mainly group fitness courses, and attending the IRON SYSTEM® and deepWORK® courses gave me so much extra knowledge and inspiration, that totally changed my life as a Personal Trainer too.

So, what is my specialization?

Simple but highly effective training that is 100% injury free and creates harmony in the body.

In the past decade I have worked together with many people, from professional athletes to medical doctors between ages 16 and 76, and the main lesson I have learnt is this:

I can work together successfully only with dedicated people who want to learn, and willing to put effort into their training.

What can I say, I still have the mentality of an athlete.


Attila Madarasz deepWORK Third Space London UK

2012 – A truly life changing year in my life.

It is not only because I moved to London and set up my very first company, but because my brother qualified himself to the Olympics. There are no words to describe how proud I was that after all those years, competitions, trainings and tears, he fulfilled our childhood dream. Thank you Bro’. 🙂

I also started to work as a Personal Trainer in Ruislip, where I met with a wonderful group of people, we conducted a 4 weeks long mini research of body transformation, and I found friends in them as well.

On a company level, I set up IRON SWEAT and started to work together with the IFHIAS Institute, offering high quality training concepts to instructors. I organised numerous courses and events, bringing the best Master Trainers over from Germany.

But most importantly, I met with awesome people at the former Reebok Sports Club, who understood the importance of high quality training, and who are still willing to wake up early every Saturday morning to come and train with me.

It was a very challenging period of my life, and I have learnt many lessons about training, business and people in general.


Attila Madarasz bePROUD Handstand

I believe that the time has come to take my dreams seriously, I have plenty of plans for this year that could help more people to achieve a strong, flexible and healthy body.

  • So, I have decided to join the Third Space and Virgin Active group to be able to provide high quality training in a professional environment.
  • I am working on an online program that could help people virtually everywhere in the world.
  • And I am planning a big surprise for the end of the year.

As a last message, I would like to highlight that I consider myself not only a trainer, but a coach and tutor. If you want to find out more about me and my method, check out my event page. I look forward to meet you in person.

“Never stop questioning, believe in yourself and always #bePROUD!”