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deepWORK at Chiswick Business Park

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Date(s) - 10/08/2018
12:00 - 13:00

Chiswick Business Park


Create harmony between strength, body&mind and athletic training.

I am very excited to present deepWORK at this event. It is definitely not usual to integrate 5 training concepts in a 1-hour class. What’s the reason we do this? Read below the explanation from Wellfinity.

“Perhaps you have tried yoga, but feels a bit too slow for you, or in your circle everyone is talking about high intensity training, but you don’t believe that being wiped out is the way to go. We are all surrounded by so many different concepts, opinions and confusing information that it is hard to decide what is the right exercise for us.

That’s the reason why we invite you to our event where we are going to show you how to create harmony between strength, body&mind and athletic training, and it’s all in a beautiful environment.

We have invited 5 high level presenters from boxing to deepWORK, so you can make sure that you will have an exhilarating and highly effective training session led by some if the best professionals in the field.

We believe that it is a very unique opportunity, so make sure you book your place now. We are looking forward to meeting and training with you there.”

If you feel like having some fun, trying fitness programs you never tried before or you just want to have a little break from “real life” click on the link below.

I am really looking forward to meeting you in Chiswick. 😉