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deepWORK Special Series – Phase 2

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Date(s) - 26/01/2019 - 27/01/2019
All Day


deepWORK Special – Phase 2
Fixing and preventing injuries

Here we are…the second phase of my deepWORK Special Series. I believe this is an important one, because after learning the basics, we need to make sure that we know how to avoid getting injured.

  • Common injuries and causes
  • The role of myofascia
  • Why barefoot?
  • Quick and simple solutions (joint by joint)
  • Warm-up & Stretch routines

As you might know, I did Judo at an elite level for 18 years, and my biggest injury during this time was my breaking my ears. Considering that Judo is a contact sport, I think it’s quite a good result.

This is why I feel a bit angry when I see people injuring themselves in the gym/classes. Fitness should be about making you fitter, happier and healthier, not the other way around. I believe that by knowing some important rules, we can avoid and most of the time can fix common injuries.

In this session my aim is to show you solutions for fixing existing injuries, and offering you alternatives that you can use during any classes while you are healing the ongoing issues.


  1. While in the first session of this series we started with a short theory, this time we are going to be active right from the beginning.
  2. I will show you solutions for painful wrists, tennis and golf elbows, lower back pain and “dodgy” knees.
  3. During our deepWORK class we are going to focus a lot on the myofascial lines…you will be surprised how an easy move like spreading the fingers makes the whole session way more effective.
  4. After the class we are going to wrap up everything we have just learnt, and this is the questions time. Just be gentle on me please. 😀
  5. And as always, you are invited to join me for a recharging session at a bar/restaurant nearby. 😉

I believe that this session is a very important one especially nowadays, when every gym tends to go to the direction of hardcore sessions without any relevant supervision of the techniques.

I hope I will see you there, if you have any questions just let me know please. I am excited to go through on this topic and have a nice deepWORK session with you.


SATURDAY (26th January): YMCA Club
SUNDAY (27th January): SNAP Fitness Elephant & Castle

Please note:

  • If this is your first time, the only thing I would require from you is just to be open-minded, and prepare to try an exercise routine you probably haven’t seen before.
  • During the class we will take photos and videos for educational purposes, if you don’t want to be seen on these footages please let me know before the class starts.
  • In case I need to cancel the event because of some unseen circumstances, I will issue a full refund to your account.