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MOVE FIT – deepWORK Day 1

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Date(s) - 10/03/2017
10:30 - 11:15

Excel London


deepWORK special at Move Fit London.

Join us and get your discounted tickets to our Move Fit show in March.


deepWORK is a powerful athletic training, and thanks to its Yin and Yang approach, is quite different from the current well-known classes. This program really is the meeting point of the traditional Far Eastern techniques and the Western European science in group fitness.
Its unique structure, and the combination of the best yoga and sport specific moves, allow you to experience your highs and lows during the session, and to create harmony in your body in a very positive way.

  • Introduction to barefoot training.
  • The first 8-10 minutes are very slow, but there is a reason. You need to disconnect from your daily life, and prepare your body for the upcoming part of the session.
  • Intense mind work. The movements of deepWORK are really complex and designed to use as many muscles as possible at the same time.
  • Powerful main part with intelligent levelling. deepWORK is a really powerful class, but there are always different levels. If you feel you can’t follow a movement, or you are losing quality, simply switch to the easier version. No problem at all. Remember, quality always comes first.
  • Totally recharged feeling. Even though you worked hard, we won’t let you walk out in a hyper state of mind. To create balance we calm you down, and with some special moves we activate the body’s regeneration processes.
  • Specially designed music that we are sure you will love.

This class is not about jumping as much as we can, or holding a stretching pose as long as we can. It is about doing everything for the perfect amount of time, in the perfect sequence, with the perfect rhythm.


Attila is a former professional athlete (European Championship silver medallist in judo), economist, founder of IRON SWEAT, tutor, assessor and Master Trainer. With 25 years of experience in sport and fitness Attila has deep understanding of the challenges that athletes, instructors and managers must face in order to create a successful career.

Lia Löffelmann has been doing deepWORK for the past 5 years and is a fully qualified deepWORK instructor of 2 years. Currently she covers deepWORK classes not only in England, but Germany as well. Lia brings her own very own unique style and enthusiasm to her deepWORK classes to let participants experience the energy and challenge, every deepWORK class brings with it. She is also a proud mother of a lovely child.

Arnas Liaukus has been active since his early ages and all his studies and career has been associated with different sports and training methods. He has studied physical education and dance teacher’s degree along side competing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions.




deepWORK class only (£2.7): CLICK HERE

Daily ticket (£14.35): CLICK HERE

Please note: We may take photos and videos on this event if you wouldn’t like to be seen on the pictures please contact us! For more information about what to expect please visit our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

I am looking forward to meet you and have a training together at the Move Fit show.