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Group Classes

“Only perfect practice makes perfect!”

I love group fitness but as a former professional athlete I clearly stand for efficiency and high quality (something that is missing from most of the current group fitness classes). In my point of view, you should follow the system below if you want to achieve the best fitness results.

1. If you have any injury, visit a medical doctor, a therapist, an osteopath, etc. Get it fixed first, and then start with a slower class, like yoga.

2. Learn how to use your own body in every dimension without limitation, plus prepare your core muscles and cardiovascular system for further levels. I believe the very unique deepWORK is currently the best class that could help you with that.

3. Lift the weights perfectly! If you want to transform your body, you will need to use weights…serious weights. But you won’t be able to do the proper workout if you don’t know the basic techniques (deadlift, clean, lunge, etc) perfectly. HOT IRON may look like any other barbell based class, but don’t judge at first sight. It is based on extensive scientific research…you will feel it.

4. Want serious body transformation? The answer is hypertrophy training. Now you know how to use your own body, you have learnt how to work with weights safely…this is the time to do something special. My absolute favourite is one of the very few available hypertrophy group classes on the market at the moment: IRON CROSS.


It is a very unique program developed by Robert Steinbacher and his team in Germany. What I really like is the fact that the whole class is based on the principle of Yin and Yang, while it always keeps its structure logical and sport scientifically valid.

So, what can you expect of a deepWORK class?

1. Barefoot training (we have already talked about how important is this).

2. Relaxed start. The first 8-10 minutes are very slow, but there is a reason. You need to disconnect from your daily life (no work problems, no family issues, no planning what to eat, etc). Focus on yourself (especially your breathing) it’s essential if you want to do a successful session.

3. Intense mind work. The movements of deepWORK are really complex and designed to use as many muscles as possible at the same time. It is not a class where you can think about other things. You need to be conscious, full attention is required.

4. Powerful main part with intelligent levelling. Yes, deepWORK is a really powerful class, but there are always different levels. If you feel you can’t follow the movement, or you are losing the quality, simply switch to the easier version. No problem at all. Remember, quality always comes first.

5. Totally recharged feeling. That is a main difference between deepWORK and other functional training programs. Even though you worked hard, we won’t let you walk out in a hyper state of mind. To create balance we calm you down, and with some special moves we activate the body’s regeneration processes.

6. The music…believe me, you will love it.

“I have been part-taking in gym classes for over 23 years, and have never come across a class like the IRON SYSTEM®. The deepWORK® classes are easily one of the best that I have ever done, and pushes me to my maximum limit, which I don’t always reach in other classes.”Diane


There is much more behind a good barbell based class, than just putting random exercises together. It must be planned, systematic, safe, effective and fun of course. HOT IRON may look like any other barbell based class, but don’t judge at first sight. It is based on extensive scientific research…you will feel it.

Why do I believe in HOT IRON?

  • Because it has a clear structure. In the beginning we always go through on the basic exercises, just learning the correct techniques, only with the barbell.
  • Once you are familiar with the movements, we start the warm up (general and specific), still without weights. This is the second time you will practice the basic moves during the class.
  • And just after this, we start to work with resistance, keeping our focus on the big muscle groups and later we go to the smaller ones.
  • First we do exercises in a standing position, then sitting or lying on the bench positions, and in the end on the floor.
  • The sequence of the exercises is really important, and the rhythm of them too.
  • Every movement should be perfect, using full range of motion, so we cut the music to the movement, not the opposite way.

“I think it is an amazing concept; it is not only fresh but it is scientifically proven. It is not a gimmick, it is actually going to work and it is going to benefit people, with the level of knowledge and education it contains, it will re-educate people how to train.”Tanya


IRON CROSS is one of the very few (if not the only) hypertrophy group training. It is designed to deliver amazing results in no time, however this is an advanced class, and as I mentioned before, your body and nerve system need to be ready and well trained for it.

During the class we use relatively heavy weights, because we need to reach the point where your muscles can work at their maximum capacity for at least 30 seconds, but not longer than 1 minute. The usage of the correct weight is essential, if we want to trigger the hypertrophy effect in our body.

So, how does an IRON CROSS class look like, and what can you expect?

As always, the first couple of minutes are about the warm up.

After the warm up, we usually start the main part with supersets (alternating one bodyweight and one barbell based exercise) in 3 sets. After the first set you always have enough time to modify the weight you use (if needed).

Most of the time we have 5 exercise groups, it means we have at least 10 exercises. The aim is to do a full body workout, in different positions and directions.

Of course, the class always ends up with a cooling down phase to help the body start the regeneration process.

The whole system follows a periodic style. It means that we do the same routine for 12 weeks, to give the body chance for adaptation, but after that we need to change the program to give our whole system a new challenge, providing continuous improvement.

Remember, every class you attend should be based on sport scientific principles, and most importantly, it should be Safe, Effective and Fun. If you are interested in trying any of the above concepts check out my event calendar. I am looking forward to train with you. 😉