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Online PT

This online program has been designed by myself, that helps you speed up your fitness journey and build up your training routine for life.

We have 12 weeks long modules, based on each other, and all of it delivered in an e-Learning format. Every module has been divided into 4 sections.

– 3 week: Exercising in a stable position (Up and down movements).

– 3 week: Front and back movements.

– 3 week: Moving to the side (right and left).

– 3 week: Twisting moves.

All the exercises are available in 4 levels, from completely beginner to a very advanced version. They are demonstrated on videos, described in the manuals and available to download.

I have created some quizzes and playful assessments as well, because I want you to learn and understand what to do, while you are having fun with this program. There are different badges to achieve, but I warn you, being a specialist requires 100% correct completion of the courses. 🙂


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