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IRON SWEAT – For fitness professionals

My original plan was to put deepWORK and IRON SYSTEM into the timetable of every major fitness chain in London. However, as I learnt more and more about the industry and the struggle that instructors must face everyday, this aim transformed to a vision of creating a community of the best health and fitness professionals.

If you are interested in joining us and deliver classes/workshops/seminars at our events just click on the link below and sign-up for our information pack.

WELLFINITY – Face-to-face

I joined this team because I believe that having an hour session 3-4 times a week is simply just not enough to compensate the 8-10 hours/day we spend in a chair or seat.
We put together an “office” and “out of office” programme with the aim of creating a mindful wellbeing journey that actually teaches you how to avoid injuries, not stress about food, be more productive, enjoy your training sessions. Plus all this done in a fun and relaxed way.

We organise office wellness days, workshops, charity events, transformation journeys (that I am especially proud of) and retreat events. If this sounds interesting to you just click on the button below and check out our Wellfinity project.


My aim with this project is to be able to help you train basically anywhere and anytime, without being limited to a gym membership or a certain time. I am working hard to put all my knowledge and experience in a structured online format, so you can have an easy access to it whenever you need.

In this project I am covering the following topics including workout plans, video demonstrations and explanations, descriptions, photo, GIFs, etc. Basically, everything I learnt in the past 28 years about fitness, nutrition and regeneration, will be available to you too.

Sounds good? Hit the button below and get prepared for some “funny” exercises you probably never tried before. 😉