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How to start strength training classes

How to do hypertrophy training?

  • Try to keep your muscles in maximum contraction for 30-60 seconds.
  • The weight you use should be as heavy to be able to perform 8-12 reps but not more (with the rhythm down-down-up-up it will be approximately 30-45 seconds).
  • If you can’t do 8 repetitions with perfect form your weight is too heavy.
  • Your speed should be moderated to be able to control the movement.
  • Do a total body workout. Remember if more muscles are working, there is more calorie burning.
  • Try to keep the resting periods relatively short (30-60 seconds).

Why is it so effective?

After a good hypertrophy training you should feel that your muscles are shaking (of course just gently, always avoid overtraining). Remember, we talked about the Supercompensation theory in the First Steps in Fitness book. So, if you finished your training in the correct zone (bio positive) then your muscles need to regenerate themselves, and if you eat well, the energy source will be your fat source.

The regeneration usually takes around 48-72 hours, so it means that your body will burn fat in the next 2-3 days after your training. Of course, in the meantime your muscles are getting toned because of the work you did. (Ladies, you don’t need to be afraid of building huge muscles by using heavy weight, because you don’t have enough testosterone in your body to develop big muscles.)

This is one of the fastest ways to create a lean, strong and athletic body that can function and serve you well in almost every situation. And the additional benefit to turn your body into a “calorie burning machine”, so that you can enjoy different type of foods without strict restrictions.


I hope with this article series, I have managed to give you useful advice about program planning, and now you can see why training smartly (focusing on the quality) is so important. Summarizing the system, I would recommend you to start (2-3 times a week):

  1. With an athletic, bodyweight barefoot training where you can learn how to use your body in every dimension without limitations (our group class for this: deepWORK®).
  2. After 3 months when your body is ready, you should introduce the barbells and free weights to your training routine. Start with the primal exercises and try to work in the strength-endurance zone. Remember, this is the time when you create the fundamentals of your training for years, so never underestimate the importance of the correct exhaustion of the exercises (our group class: HOT IRON®).
  3. When your body is adapted for the strength-endurance training, and you know how to work with the weights correctly, it is time to start the hypertrophy training (our group class: IRON CROSS®). Supersets in 3-4 rounds, keeping the muscles in maximum contraction for 30-45 seconds will create amazing results.
  4. Of course, this is not the end, because after 3 months you will need to change your training method again to keep your body moving. So, what do you think about a bodyweight athletic training with advanced movements, then barbell based sessions with one-legged and one-armed exercises, and so on.

Welcome to the world of scientific group classes. I wish you an exciting, successful and enjoyable journey. 😉

If you need more information or you want to try our programs, just check out our events calendar, we are happy to meet you in person. And till then, as usual just

“Take a deep breath and strike the IRON!”

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