Attila Madarasz bePROUD Personal Training

Bodyweight Training Workshop

Date(s) - 18/09/2018
18:00 - 19:30

Clayton Hotel Chiswick


Learn how to train anywhere, anytime and without any equipment

Do you need a quick lunchtime programme or an exercise routine that you can do at home or in your hotel room?


Has the following situation happened to you before? You plan out your day so you could fit a quick session in, but when you arrive to the gym all the equipment was occupied. Maybe you regularly do bodyweight classes, but it is just too boring to do the same squat/push-up/plank combinations all the time and you want to learn how to train more creatively.


There are plenty of situations and scenarios when knowing how to put an effective bodyweight exercise plan together comes in very handy. You are not limited to gym memberships, no more waiting for equipment to free up, and you literally can train anywhere without limitations: in a park, at home, in a hotel room, on your holiday or even on a plane if you are brave enough.


During this workshop we show you how to create a short, logical, safe and highly effective training routine combining primal human moves with 3-dimensional movement. You will learn:

  • how to pair exercise to maximise your training time,
  • how and when to do squats, push-ups, etc sideways, front/back or with rotation,
  • what to change if you want to burn fat, build muscle or participate on a 10k run,
  • how to avoid knee, shoulder or lower back injuries,
  • how to work on your strength/stability and flexibility/mobility at the same time.

As you see we put a lot of work and knowledge into this workshop, and we are happy to share those so-called “insider secrets” that Personal Trainers tend to keep to themselves (if they are experienced enough to be able to think outside their books).

If you feel like that tis topic could be helpful to you, just click on the link below. I am really looking forward to meeting you. 😉