ZEN Fitness Show at Ministry of Sound London

ZEN Fitness Show

Date(s) - 07/06/2019
18:00 - 20:30

Ministry of Sound Fitness


I started this project with the idea of creating a well-balanced fitness event that is fun, informational and give the participants motivation to move and make healthy choices every day, without thinking about it as a “have to do” thing.

You have probably already attended various events that focus on a particular topic such as yoga retreats, dance classes or fitness conventions. I believe that these events are great, but I wanted to organise an event that creates harmony between high intensity training, yoga and mindful sessions, and at the same time gives you a memorable experience.

And this is how the Zen Fitness Show was born. It is a 2- hour long journey, a blend between:
  • watching an entertaining Broadway show,
  • the feeling of being at your favourite musician’s event with a live light show,
  • and of course, doing your favourite HIIT, yoga, dance and functional training classes in a harmonious way.